Friday, May 29, 2015

Malaysia : Still a third world country and going south

If you ask  politicians in Malaysia, they will tell you that we are on the verge  of becoming a developed nation or that the country is heading to the right direction.. They give you all the numbers and the statistics to support their claims. They will highlight all the data and the figures  that Malaysia has achieved virtually all  the standards of the small elite group. The pakciks and makciks in the rural areas  of course would definitely  agree with them,  as holier than thou politicians. These unscrupulously species would not be questioned as they think  know what the rakyat  want. These kanpung people have for so long have been lied to , whitewashed, bluffed, indoctrinated  and subjugated  since independence. We don't deny that Malaysia has progressed well into the 21st century but to claim that we are of the way to becoming a modern, industrialized and developed is a farce. A modern, and developed  country we are not. These last few months have been the  worst as the country  has seen with so many fiascoes that clearly indicate that we are not only far from reaching  that goal of a developed nation but more accurately going down south in the doldrums financially and politically .
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The IMDB is one  clear example  that shows that we are still way behind the elite group and that our country is still in disarray economically and politically. In a developed nation if the leader has lost the confidence of the people he would tender his resignation on his won accord. We have seen this in western countries of  how the corrupt leaders in a gentleman's  manner would resign from the post. Not surprisingly this tradition also   happens in Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan . But here in Malaysia even after one  could not account for RM 42 billion ringgit or one cannot give a clear and definite answer about the whereabouts of the money one can still travel overseas and meet foreign dignitaries.  These insensitive, irresponsible politicians have no  concern for  accountability and seriousness of the issue, To those in power, nothing major is happening and the issue will be forgotten by the kampung people  . Just get a nice PR  guru like Lim Kork Wing  your image will be restored. Just give a few million to some reasonably good PR agencies you will be as good as new with an unblemished image. As Dr Mahathir has said Melayu mudah lupa. Forget about the 'missing' RM 42 billion which is nothing to the rich and powerful people, I my self don't even know how many zeroes are there in that much amount of money. Probably Jho Low knows better as he  is very good at accounting or doing magic .

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Alleged mass graves in Malaysia
Second is the  discovery of  mass graves in the state of Perlis bordering Thailand is really shocking to  me. When mass graves were found in Thailand I was not surprised at all as I know how haphazard the country is run and how corrupt the police and the army generals are , But when one of the informants of the Thai government mentioned that there is also a mass grave on the other side at the border I had a last laugh. How could Malaysia with the law and order and well oiled government machinery would have such a thing in the country. This is not Uganda, Venezuela, Columbia, Zimbabwe or Nigeria, Even the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi denied the existence of such a thing. But alas its truly there and it does exists. They have found a total of 39 graves with more than 100 bodies of migrant Rohingyas. WTF has happened to this country of ours, Where are the immigration people , the army, the forest rangers? What have they  they have been doing? Please don't tell me they don't know anything happening around them. 

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Corruption in Malaysia?
Thirdly, is the wasteful spending of money in the country is really a shame. In a develop country, they will not spend money unnecessarily and wastefully. They will evaluate the program critically before committing money but here in Malaysia we spend so much for something that is not truly important. In some ministries, they spend like a million ringgit just to get some singers from Korea to sing a few songs or to do some seemingly skillful dance.They spend like half a million to invite the minister officiate some blueprints of the country at posh 5 stars hotels. They also spend millions of ringgit to invite some useless racing  events to do some  show in Putrajaya. They also spend hundreds of millions of ringgit buying laptops for students in which the effectiveness of the program is questionable. We also  give billions of ringgit to  people instead of developing the country.

Lately, there 's so much bad news about Malaysia. This country is now the center of attraction for the wrong reasons. We are now becoming more divided , more corrupt and more rudderless with the  captain playing hide and seek in a sinking ship. I doubt we would make to the elite club of developed nations. Our country  is still full of corruption at the highest level. I hope we could put a stop to all this madness.

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