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The best Satay Kajang in Bangi / Sate Kajang sedap di bangi

Satay Kajang

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Satay Kajang
Nowadays, it's so difficult to find really good satay stalls in Bandar Baru bangi. It's not that you can't find satay stalls or places where they sell satays , there's plenty of them. But to find a really good satay stall is actually an art. Satay Samuri used to be the best satay  place  in Bandar Baru Bangi and in Kajang for years . But with their untrained and indifference Indonesian workers with no passion for food  , the satays that they serve are usually very dry and slightly burnt. The workers just don't care about quality and it's just  just non existence. 

Another problem with Satay Samuri is that they will grill the satays beforehand sometimes up to hours beforehand and they place them in an air tight container. As a result, the satay would turn stale and hard. They would just reheat the satay taken from the air tight container for a few seconds but the heat does not really warm the satay thoroughly as a result the satay is just not good and unappetizing.

Another thing about Satay Samuri is that they will charge you the 6 % GST. If I were you I would not have Satay kajang at Samuri sate or any big restaurants  . They do satay business using the industrial scale philosophy. I would go for the small ones in which the person manning the grill is also  the owner. These satay sellers really grill their satays to perfection- juicy and tender,

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Azura satay Bangi: The best Satay
A few days ago,  I went to a restaurant  Azura at section 3 Bandar Baru Bangi and surprisingly I ordered some Satays and I was so surprised by its quality and taste. The satay was so tender and juicy. The beef satay just melts into my mouth like kobe beef. It  really tastes good albeit slightly sweet. I believe you will enjoy the satay there. All the satays were reasonably tender , juicy and marinated to perfection. So guys if you want to have satay kajang in Bandar Baru Bangi the best place to have it is at Restaunt Azura in section 3. I would suggest that you come at 7 - 9 pm to have your satay.

I would give   9/10 * for the satay
                       7/10 * for the service
                       7/10 *  for cleanliness

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