Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be damned the Malays

Lately in Malaysia, the Malays have been under severe  threat politically from all sides of the political spectrum and the Chinese community as a whole. Economically, the natives are continually under siege and and will remain so for so many years to come. The Chinese are the emperors in business as they control the Malaysian economy. They decide most of the day to day business practices and conventions despite the government's affirmative policies to help the weak Bumiputeras.The Malays are actually  the victims of the economic, linguistic  and political games in .their own country. But the foreign media and the opposition sympathized news media  websites like FMT, Malaysia Kini and Malaysia chronicle  are demonizing UMNO to break the Malays back. Presently the Malays are weak. They are now gasping for breath and the delay of the 13th general election will aggravate the situation. The Malays are being bombarded mercilessly and their rights and existence  are now being questioned without impunity. 

One clear example of this is the action by the Chinese  DAP member Ngeh Koo Ham who is the assemblyman for Satiawan Perak. Ngeh is a lawyer by profession and he practices Christianity- the Methodist Church.( He was very active in the Methodist Youth Fellowship and served on the local Church executive Council of the Ayer Tawar Chinese Methodist Church)  He goes to (guess what) Anglo Chinese School in Perak. He has insensitively questioned the Muslims anger towards the so called Sam Bacile for his anti Islam video clips and videos. How could an assemblyman who was almost set to become the Menteri Besar of Perak and a so called pious Christian belittling the Malay Muslim majority in this country? He has no sensitivity towards the Malays and Muslims in this country. I really thank The Sultan of Perak for not appointing this sick mind and chauvinistic DAP member as the Menteri Besar. He is a bloke of lowest value and respect for the Malays. His so called apologies are a lie. This is one clear example of of an action of a non Malay in Malaysia belittling the Muslim Malays. 

Bloke of lowest value?

Another example  of insensitivity of the non Malays is the action of these two  Indian guys by the name of Herukh and Kahabaer who  are poking fun at the guidelines of LBGTs provided by Yayayan Guru  Malaysia. They are giving away free biryanis at their restaurant called Fierce Beriyani House (is the restaurant halal ?). The intention of the Yayasan Guru Malaysia was to identify some of the unacceptable traits of the teenagers of our youngsters who might be confused in their orientations due to the barrage of western movies and videos hilighting and  promoting these abnormalities   . Remember that Islam is the official religion of this country. As a Muslim I want those guidelines. I do not want my children to become gays or lesbians. But instead of supporting  the guidelines, these opportunistic Malaysian  Indians (I really hope that these guys are Malaysians because their names sound foreign.) are ridiculing it .This is a clear example of actions of non Malays   doing things recklessly with no respect for the Malay - Muslim majority.   Poor Malays . You are now under barrage and that even your Malay politicians are not supporting you. The UMNO politicians have no balls . They are afraid of being labelled racist.

As a show of my unhappiness of the actions of these two bengalis,  I would advise Muslims not want to dine at the restaurant . The fact that the owners are poking fun at the "Islamic"" guidelines make me think twice about eating there as a Muslim. Remember they mooted the idea of poking fun at the guidelines at a bar. Do Muslims want to go to restaurants whose owners have no respect for the guidelines. Their actions make me questioned  whether they understand of  the issue of halal and haram. Good Muslims should not dine there. 
Fact: This is a non Muslim restaurant.
In short,the Malays are now being bombarded with issues that question they existence, their ethnicity, religion and language. These are done mercilessly and with no impunity. The sad thing is that they just keep quiet. Please wake up. You future will be decided this December.

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