Friday, September 28, 2012

Facts about Chinese schools in Malaysia

Malaysia is probably the only country in the world that practices different school systems. We have the Chinese schools, the Tamil schools, the Malay schools and the Agama schools. Other countries especially in ASEAN  such as Singapore, Thailand , Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Brunei have only one education system. In Thailand, the Muslims are killed for demanding schools that teach Bahasa Melayu . In Myanmar, the Muslims are 'terminated' and erased completely. In Singapore, all the Malay schools are closed down. In Indonesia, there are no Chinese schools, the Chinese speak Bahasa Indonesia beautifully. In this country the Chinese schools via their NGOs such as the DONG ZONG , HUA ZONG are making unreasonable demands. The sad thing is that the present government is really weak. Najib is pandering to the Chinese by dishing out millions of ringgit for Chinese schools. The Malays in Malaysia are divided are politically  as they are  aligned to too many political parties such as PAS, PKR, UMNO and  others in Sabah and Sarawak have their own parties. They are in a state of disarray and the de facto opposition leader who is trying hard to woo the Chinese voters   would just shut his mouth. Below are some of the facts about Chinese schools.

Independent Chinese schools

1. Did you now that there are 1294 Chinese schools in Malaysia

2. The  Government aka BN government spends RM 1.8 billion a year  just to manage these schools.

3. In 2012 ,  the BN government has given RM 100 million special allocation  for just Chinese schools.

4. A total of 455 of the Chinese schools have a total less than 500 students.

5. There are a total of 60 Chinese Independent schools in Malaysia with their UEC examinations.

6. A total of  25% of Chinese students drop out from Chinese schools at various stages of their schooling.

7. A new Chinese school in Kuatan, Pahang  is being built at a cost of millions of  ringgit by BN government

The Malaysian Chinese are making more excessive demands  The demands are being made by the Chinese extremist groups such as Dong Zong and Hua Zong . These group of Chinese people  are taking advantage of their untouchable Chinese educationists' positions and  attempting  to promote their  extremist Chinese education and not taking into account the cultural reality of the situation in Malaysia. It's Chinese first and all the way Chinese  mentality. These are the Chinese extremist groups that are polarizing the  Malaysian community .There are many ramifications of this. A personal one is that  I have come across many Chinese children who can even speak Bahasa Malaysia.I am not surprised that the BN government under Najib will succumb to these Chinese extremists' demands . Below are their 8  more excessive demands that they have asked from the BN government in their  26th  of September gathering at the Parliament

Dong Zong

1. A total of 100 counselling teachers (read Malay teachers) who are not proficient in Chinese must be expelled immediately from the Chinese schools

2. Bahasa Malaysia and English teachers must be proficient in Chinese (read  Only Chinese teachers will teach in Chinese schools)

3. Bahasa Malaysia and English teachers  teaching at Chinese schools  with less student must be those who have Chinese qualifications.

4. A total of 20 Civics teachers (read Malay teachers) who don't understand Chinese must be removed from the Chinese schools.

5. Chinese Language trained teachers teaching Bahasa Malaysia and English would have to be given further training after teaching the subjects for more than 5 years.

6. More Chinese lecturers needed in the IPTAs to train more Chinese teachers.

7. A total 98 teachers who have diplomas in Education specializing in Chinese must be sent to Chinese schools immediately

8. A total of 392  interim Chinese teachers (Chinese only teachers)  to be appointed straight   by the headmasters of the Chinese schools.
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Some of these demands are reasonable but most demands are just ridiculous  I only wish that the Malays and Agama schools would be able to make similar demands. I believe the Tamil and the other Bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak would  also be able  to make the same demands as made by the Chinese extremist groups. But the unfortunate thing is that the present government is weak and I believe that they will comply with those demands. It is  a sad day for education system in Malaysia. It is really sad.

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