Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to the Republic of Malaysia?

In southern Thailand recently ,the insurgents probably PULO fighters fighting for religious freedom had proudly raised  the Malaysian flag. They  wanted parts of southern Thailand especially around Yala and Nakhon Sri Thammart to be the provinces of Malaysia. Thousands of Thai Malay Muslims have lost their lives fighting to have their own schools and speak their own language and practice their own religion . The Malaysian flag is the symbol of their struggle to be Malaysians and to be part of Malaysia and to be free like Malaysians . In the process, thousand of have of innocent  lives have been lost in this this ongoing struggle. Not too long ago, dozens of  civilian  Muslim Thais who were praying   at a mosque were slaughtered by the Thai army  masquerading as PULO fighters in Southern Thailand.
Indian lawyer and DAP assemblyman

But here in peaceful Malaysia some historically blind  and culturally stupid "idiots" like Serigala Selatan  are trying to replace the Malaysian flag with the flag called "Sang Saka Malaya". They however claimed that there were just having fun with the flag .But I doubt it. It looks like the opposition parties like DAP and PKR  are encouraging and condoning the acts of these people at their gatherings. They did not stop the some of the youths from raising the flag at the  " Janji BERSIH" gathering instead they seemed to 'approve' of them.The "Sang Saka Merah or Sang Saka Malaya" flag looks very much like the Singapore flag with its white and red hues. For your information, Singapore is a republic. There is no Sultan as the head of state of that country. You only have a China man by the name of Lee Kuan Yew and his Lee's Dynasty. Those idiots  are implying that the "Jalur Gemilang " should be replaced with the red and white colored flag. What they  are doing is a seditious action encouraging and promoting Malaysia as a republic just like Singapore. Dear Malaysians especially Malays  please ponder the intention of these members of the opposition particularly  the racist  DAP and Chinese supported  PKR. This is not a joke or a small matter. Please come to your sense. 
Proudly displaying the "Sang Saka Merah"

Singapore like flag?

The worst part is that  the DAP assemblyman of Indian origin Manoharan whose forefathers probably from the state of Kerala who represents the  Kota Alam Shah constituent proudly said in his facebook that once the  Pakatan takes over Putrajaya  "Jalur Gemilang" will be replaced with another flag. I supposed the flag that will replace the "Jalur Gemilang" is the Red and White " flag" pretty much like the Singapore flag. Damn you Manoharan for having said that. You have no love for Malaysia . I suggest that you just migrate back to India or Singapore. Don't ever come back to Malaysia. Please voluntarily renounce your citizenship. We don't need you.You don't deserve to be a Malaysian .But the 'best part' is that some historically blind and culturally distorted young neo- liberal Malays like "Serigala Selatan" are supporting this racist idiot. The non Malays especially some of  the disgruntled DAP members of course will be happy with the new "Sang Saka Malaya" flag.

Our "Jalur Gemilang" is the symbol of the peoples of Malaysia. Regardless of your political parties this is the flag that we should raise and respect. Although it seems to look like the American flag, we will  not get confused our flag with that of the American flag. We know the design of our flag by heart and we love our country . Only racist people like Manoharan and some DAP and PKR members who who refuse to accept Malays and Islam as the pillars of Malaysia are proposing to change of the flag. We should get rid of these kind of people as they don't deserve to be Malaysians.

I hope that Malaysians especially the Malays realize the evil intention of some members  of our misinformed community whose grandiose and evil  plan is to change Malaysia into a republic. We have to stop this madness. We need to get rid of people like Manoharan and the some of the racist DAP party members. Get rid of  "Manoharam" politically by not voting him for  the Kota Shah Alam constituent.  Also,  those people people who attempt to change the constitution and mock the sacred "Jalur Gemilang" should be charged under Section 4 (1) (a) of the sedition Act for doing , attempting or conspiring to do an act of seditious tendency.We should protect our sacred institutions the Constitution and our "Jalur Gemilang" . 

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