Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Acronyms-NKRA / UMNO / DAP / PTD / Rosmah

In life you can't always be serious all the time. You need to take a break- sometimes. If you are serious and good all the time , you will die soon as illustrated by Billy Joel's song that "Good people die young ". I mean good and too serious people will die young. I notice that people who do not smile and stern looking  often look really old when they reach their 50s. But some people especially the go- lucky ones look young and energetic. They don't look their age (50s) they look more like people in their late 30s. Yours truly has a fried who is almost 60 but he looks like he's in his mid 30s except for the obvious white hair. And this guy smiles a lot and always cracks jokes especially when he's around people. Today I'm being naughty, I want to share with you some lite and interesting acronyms and abbreviations.

AIDS = Another Idiot Dying Story.This acronym is really cruel. I don't think we should  stigmatize AIDS sufferers with this kind of funny acronym. But it's really funny.

BN     =  Barang Naik and not Barisan Nasional. This is an important issue in this coming election. The prices of food items are getting more expensive. The poor and the pensioners are the ones that will suffer the most. Even government servants are feeling the pinch. This issue might decide whether BN remains in power.

C4     =  Carrefour. It's actually pronounced as "ka fu". This C4 is not related to Altantuya.

FAM = Football Akan Merana.  This is really true. We have been suffering far too long since the glory  days of Mokthar Dahari and   Santokh Singh. We have not won against the Koreans and the Japanese of late. I think the sufferrings  will  continue in the near future.

DAP  = Donkeys and Assholes Party. Wow!  This is a  funny acronym and it's also very true. The racist   party is full of assholes. They recently appointed council members who can't even read and write in Bahasa Malaysia. Thanks to anti Malay and anti Islam Comrade Ronnie Liu

JAIS  = Jangan Asyik Ingat Sex. LOL (Laugh out Loud). They always think of sex and nothing else. They should be propagating Islam but their main focus is to get those  people who commit close proximity.

NKRA= Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah. This is the funniest of all and it's reflective of the current political situation . Rosmah is the real power. She even replaced Najib to meet Clinton when he was hospitalized.  Where was the Deputy Prime Minister? Mind you she has all Najib's schedule and appointments. Everything goes through her  first.

UMNO = yoU Must Not Object. This is an accurate description of the main political party in Malaysia.    Most of the members are apple polishers. They will only 'bodek' their political leaders. Their main  aim in   UMNO is not to hel;p the Malays but getting the fat contracts and the important posts in the party.

PTD  = Pegawai Tak Diplomatik. This is how the PTD  administrators  should be described. They are so  arrogant and disrespectful of their subordinates who are more experienced and more qualified  academically who were not promoted because of the different schemes (DH and DS). Just go to MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia) and you will see many of these young administrators who are "Pengarahs" and they just know how to   "tunjuk"  and "arah". They never contribute anything but still  hold all the important posts.

Pendekata = Literally means -in short. This is not an acronym but an abbreviation. This is a taboo word. No ministries in Malaysia would use the word- Pendekata which now refers to what "Rosmah says". Pendek means Rosmah and "kata" means says. You will not hear the word used in the 2013 budget announcement on the 28th of September by Najib. If Najib uses the word we know that it's Rosmah who says/orders it.

That's all that I have for today. Just take it easy in life. Set your priorities right. We don't live forever. If one is already 50s  just ponder how much more time do we have to live. Be happy. 

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