Monday, September 24, 2012

Can Pakatan Rakyat govern?

The 13th general election is not that far off. It must be held by April 2013. But pundits have predicted that it will be held after "Hari Raya Haji" or the latest by January 2013. As it is, the jet setting de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is convinced that Pakatan Rakyat would be able take over Putrajaya in this coming election. But I doubt that the Pakatan would be able to garner enough seats to form a simple majority government. I strongly believe that the Pakatan Rakyat could not be able to govern Putra Jaya  Below are the reasons why I personally believe that the Pakatan Rakyat can't govern Malaysia .

Jet setting Anwar Ibrahim

For one , I don't think the cabinet members would have enough experience to run  the country. The only person that has much experienced is just Anwar Ibrahim. The others are just novices. Karpal Singh is someone  that I might consider a good lawyer but he  might not have the experience of running a country. His view of the world  is very legalistic. You can't run a country with only law in your mind. There are other things that you need to have or to consider for example economy, culture, language,  customs, nuances, and music. This guy only knows how to talk and criticize the National Coalition. Most of his life is just doing that. He never develops or builds. He only destroys using the courts as a test case. Is this the guy that you want to run the country the country that we have developed together and successfully managing it. 

Abang Sabu?

It's just not only Karpal singh , Mat Sabu the PAS candidate for the proposed Pakatan Federal cabinet is also new in this ball game. He does not have the experience of running a  government. He has not even the experience of running the area of Gua Musang. He was just appointed as the Timbalan President of  Pas or the Deputy President in 2011 after defeating the pragmatic.Nasharudin Mat Isa. Although Pas is a Muslim based party, Mat Sabu is the first non-ulama to be appointed  as a party leadership. His leadership is also questionable when he said that 200 communist terrorists as "national heroes". What kind of sick mind does this guy possess? Is this the kind of person that you to  place your future in?

Over my dead body?

Another point is that these coalition can't even cooperate. Pakatan is a group  consisting of PKR, DAP and Pas . DAP is a party that believes in secularism. Karpal Singh a Benggali  will fight to the death to defend this. Nik Aziz a pious  Muslim  however wants Malaysia to be ruled by Hudud or Sharia. How can these two people of two different views of the world   work together? I believe these people will just fight amonst themselves and fighting  for the posts instead of developing  the country. These people have no idea of how to run the country. All their lives have been criticizing and fighting the Barisan  Nasional . The country will be in "topsy turvy" if you give all these  lunatics the chance to rule the country. Let them be opposition members as they are good at it. We need a strong opposition to counter the Barisan Nasional weight. They should serve as check and balance.

In a nutshell, the Pakatan people are just a group of power crazy people that are willing to do anything for power. They have no people's interests at heart. They don't the have any ideas how to run the country. Don't give them a chance to run Putrajaya as the main ramification would be that the country will disintegrate and destroyed  Do you want to take that choice. The Pakatan does have an important role to play. Make them strong . Elect them as opposition members to ensure that the BN government is not corrupt. Let the "professionals" run the country.

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