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Sarapan pagi best di Bangi 2015

Sarapan pagi best di Bangi 2015
The best restaurant for breakfast in Bangi 2015

Bangi is now quite a famous town not only in Selangor but also in Malaysia. It's famous because it's situated right in the middle of academic institutions like UKM, UPM, Uniten, and Unikl. For those of you not paying taxes there's also a data center for Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or LHDN. Bandar Bary Bangi also houses the green company called the Green Tech. Tesla Electric cars and Renault Twingo can also be found there. More recently , Bangi is also known as a food heaven. You can find good restaurants in Bangi. The latest restaurant in Bangi is Bakar Bakar restaurant that specializes in steamboat (RM 45 per pax) For those who crave for Ikan patin masak lemak there's also that restaurant called Restoran Termeloh.
Restoran Warung@Bangi

For breakfast or Sarapan pagi where do we go? There are many places to have bereakfast, there's the famous Restoran Roti Canai atas bukit which is next to Shell petrol station on the way out to KL from Bangi. It's actually partly hidden by the high gradient of the earth. You will know that is the place when you can see so many cars parked haphazardly there until it encroaches the main road. But for me, the  best place to have breakfast overall in 2015 is Restoran  Warung@bangi. The restaurant is in section 9 of Bangi and its' situated at a T junction where you find the big Masjid Hasannah. The restaurant is also not far from Hospital AzZahrah and the the blue dome of the Syariah Court. 

There's really nothing outstanding about the place except for the roti canai (rm 1). The original roti  canai was reasonably big and  tasty  . It was soft, fluffy and very Malay in taste and texture  except that it's prepared by a mamak. However, the cook left and is replaced bu another person , a Bangladeshi . The roti now is slightly smaller but more expensive (RM 1,10) . Nothing special about the roti except for the gravy-kuah kari, The curry gravy is thick and flavorful. It tastes  even better with  sambal. But I have to warn you that the gravy is thickened by the bucketful of santan (coconut milk) It tastes good but will kill you silently. A continuous consumption of the curry will definitely land you in  IJN  -your specialist heart center.
Image result for nasi dagang bungkus
Nasi Dagang

The restaurant is now also famous for its' Nasi Dagang (RM 6.50) The Nasi dagang is probably the best nasi dagang in Selangor and as good as the nasi Dagang that you find in the East coast of Malaysia. The kuah nasi dagang is so tasty complete with the original taste and flavour of the real nasi dagang. You definitely do not have to go to Kelantan to have a nice nasi Dagang The rice is also done   beautifully . I think the cook has steamed the rich to perfection  with some crunchiness left of the rice.Together with the thick gravy or curry- the rice and tuna blend well and the taste is just heaven. My only gripe about the nasi dagang is the price. RM 6.50 and the portion is not the big. I't's probabably the most expensive nasi dagang in the world.
Image result for nasi lemak bungkus
Nasi lemak
Another attraction of the restaurant is the nasi lemak called nasi lemak sedap (RM1,80) . The nasi lemak is not very tasty but it's packed in daun pisang (banana leaves) and the smell of nasi lemak in daun pisang really makes it really delicious and aromatic. Nothing can really beat that. Other than nasi lemak the restaurant also sells kueh mueh Melayu that is nicely packed (RM 2.50) in plastic packages. They sell kueh apom, cucor kodok  and kueh koci among others.

So for 2015, I recommend the restaurant-Warung @Bangi as the overall winner for the best place to have breakfast in Bangi.

Value for Money   6/10
cleanliness    7/10
Service   7/10
Food    8/10

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