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Why Malays don't support DAP?

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DAP mainly Chinese members
Malaysia achieved its independence in 1957 after years of of British colonisation and domination. We achieved our independence thru peaceful means and through hard negotiations with all the relevant parties in the National  Alliance. The Chinese, Indians  and the other  bumiputeras were consulted and these were reflected in the compromises as illustrated by the Federal Constitution of Malaysia ( Please google the Federal Constitution of Malaysia top get more info on it). After years of independence the racial card is still being played by raced based party like DAP. Why do the Malays not not love DAP (Democratic Action Party) a Chinese based party that claims to be multi racial, but in reality is actually dominated by the Chinese in all areas). This is my take on the issues.

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All in the family
1. The main reason why Malays don't support DAP is because it's strictly  a Chinese based party. Even though the party claims to be multi racial the party members are totally controlled by the Chinese and the issues raised are most of the time Chinese-based issues. Most of the party's committee members and leaders are also from the Chinese community. Some  of the handful non-Chinese member in the party are rejects frustrated ex-members from other parties. They could also be in DAP because they have lost positions in parties like UMNO (A Malay party) or PKR ( the most multi racial of the Malaysian party)or PAS ( an Islamic based party). Some non Malays in the party are just the icing on the cake to show that its's a multi racial party. Most of the time the party members would play  race based cards to get the unbridled support of the Chinese. The DAP has succeeded in doing that at the expense of the ruling party or National Coalition or better known as Barisan Nasional. In the last election less than 10 % of the Chinese supported the ruling government.

The Lim Dynasty

2, Most of the issues brought up by DAP are mainly pertaining to the Chinese. If there are issues related to the Chinese, the DAP member or the Adun (member of parliament) of The DAP will be the first to turn up to represent the so called oppressed people. It seems that the party fight for just the Chinese although it claims to be a multi racial part. The DAP party is also seen as a party that rejects almost everything related to the Malay. The DAP seems to promote policies like what is done in Singapore  by Lee Kuan Yew and the present Singapore government where the Malays have been total decimated politically  in terms of positions and electorate.

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Pretty Malay faces in DAP
3. The DAP is disliked by the Malays because the party is controlled for so long by the Lim dynasty. The party adviser is Lim Kit Siang who has been the party advisor for more than 22 years. The man has controlled the party longer than Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammad. The party is still being controlled by another of the Lim family dynasty that is Lim Guan Eng who is known as the Tokong ( the God). He is at present the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang. This guy could not just accept criticisms just like the divine being. Everything that he has done is godly and he thinks he does not make mistakes. He only likes to criticize people. All his life he likes to criticize other people especially the policies of the Barisan Nasional and the ruling government. This is the way he runs Penang taking off the steam on Penang by criticizing other people. All the bad thing are done or as the result of the UMNO or Barisan Nasional even after almost 10 years running his own government .  
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DAP mainly Chinese issues

4. The party slogan Malaysian Malaysia is very ambiguous and detrimental to Malays and off tangent or deviant to the Federal Constitution. They have yet to clearly define or argue their positions on the Bumiputera issues. They have yet to state clearly state  the status of Islam and the Sultans.They have yet to define clearly what they  mean in relation to the Malays and to the Federal Constitution. Ambiguity is the key word. Their actions seem to skirt what they really want it to mean. Their regular  actions seem to suggest that they are prone to not be in aligned to the wishes of the Malays and the  stated aims of the Federal Constitution.

Most Malays  in Malaysia however  accept the fact that the Chinese are Malaysians. Only an handful of Malays  who are too nationalistic and those who use the Malay platform would disagree publicly. But their numbers are just minuscule. There are always people of that sort who are pretty much like the KKK or he Neo Nazis as you  would find in other western countries Nobody can take the fact that the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia as truly Malaysians . But most Malays also believe that they  need to be helped to compete in business sectors and other important sectors, They seem to  believe that  the Chinese are not willing or will not really help them. The business world especially in Malaysia is totally controlled by the Chinese in Malaysia. 

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