Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tempat makan best di Bangi. Minum petang di Bangi-Laksa kedah , mee rebus , nasi lemak and kueh mueh

Best place to eat in Bangi

When you're getting old, you have all sorts of problems. You knees  are getting loose, your muscles are tightening up and your neck pain gives you a constant irritation. Another sign of getting old is that your appetite for food goes haywire. Sometimes you yearn for more high calorie intake .Most of the time you don't want to have a heavy lunch.Instead what you need is some thing simple, delicious and cheap like laksa, mee rebus, nasi lemak or bihun goreng. The portion does not have to be very big.If you stay in Bangi there are numerous places that you can fill in your hunger pang but the restaurants are rather monotonous , predictable and boring  . The  academic town lacks kampung style stalls or gerais that you see mushrooming in places like  in Sungai Petani or Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. These gerais sell all sorts of kueh mueh (40 sen each) and light meals like laksa kedah.

Gerai sedap di Bangi section 7 near Giant

You will be surprised that  in  the cosmopolitan Bangi you can still find some  small stalls selling some good finger food. There is one stall that is partly hidden in section 7 of Bandar Baru Bangi . The stall I'm referring to is located   not far from Giant hypermarket in section 7 of Bandar Baru Bangi. You can see the stall on your left on the way to the Giant hyper market . Before you take the last left turn to the hypermarket you will see a stall selling laksa kedah (RM 4). The stall is located just before another a gerai selling pisang goreng tanduk. That is the specialty of the neighboring stall. Another specialty is that of mee rebus. The laksa tastes very much like the laksa that you have in Kuala Kedah. The kuah or the gravy is quite thick and full of aroma probably because of high amount of ikan temenung ( a kind of mackerel type fish)  used and sufficient condiments that come with it. The mee rebus is also very rich but I'm not really into mee rebus. But I can tell you the mee rebus is really nice. The taste is quite sweet and spicy and with high content of udang kering or the dried shrimps. It's the shrimp that gives the gravy that pungent and at the same time really nice aromatic smell.

Bihun goreng simple di seksysn 7 Bangi

The stall is also famous for its bihun goreng (Rm 1) . The bihun goreng does not look appetizing and blackened with dark soya sauce . It does not also have bean sprouts and other vegetables. However, the bihun has become my staple diet for the last few weeks. Instead of rice for my lunch. I would order and consume  bihun goreng (fried mee noodles.  I really love the fried bihun which is served with some sambal for the added kick for spicyness. You can actually order telor mata ( fried egg at an additional cost). The bihun is a minimalist style dish that will leave your taste bud for more.
Nasi lemak bungkus  Bangi

The stall is also famous for its nasi lemak bungkus (Individually packed rice with sambal). I think the nasi lemak costs around Rm 1.5 . There is nothing special about the nasi lemak but you just love it. The sambal is not to overpowering with the belacan  (shrimp paste) flavour but the aroma of the daun pisang (banana leaves) makes it a good dish to eat. A normal sized person would normally have 2 pack of the aromatic rice.The nasi lemak comes  with a very small slice of an egg together with one or two thin slices of cucumber. Al these condiments mixed nicely to bring a very balanced diet in terms of taste and smell.

Kueh Mueh best di Bangi

The stall also sells kueh mueh Melayu like tepung bungkus, kueh koce, lepat ubi , lepat pisang and some modern twists like all types of cakes and cupcakes. Of all the kuehs sold, the tepung bungkus is just awesome. It's a kind of sweet cake wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until cooked. The saltiness of the tepung  or flour mixed with santan and the sweetness of the grated coconut make it a heaven filling for dessert.

Cleanliness  6/10
Food             8/10
Service         6/ 10
Cost              9/10

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