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Tempat tempat menarik di Bangi 2015 / Interesting places to visit in Bangi

Interesting places to visit in Bangi / Tempat tempat menarik untuk di lawati di Bangi
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Uptown Bangi

1. Uptown Bangi

This is the place to visit whenever you are in Bangi. The Uptown is located not far from Econsave Hypermarket. The Uptown Bangi opens every night except for Monday night . The best time to go and visit the uptown is after 9 pm at night as before that the stalls are not set up yet and they are doing just that. A few of the makan stalls would have already open to receive the guests. What can you have at the uptown? Well there lots of stall selling various types of items such as clothes, mobile accessories, food and services such as foot massages. Among the food stall the best is the stall that sells real Pad Thai noodles. The noodles are prepared by Thai cooks brought to the uptown by the stall owners. The Pad Thai sells for RM 6. There's also a stall selling delicious nasi lemak for 1 ringgit.
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Taman Tasik Cempaka Bangi

2. Taman Tasik Cempaka

This is the man made lake that is situated right in the middle of Bangi town. It's a very nice place to bring kids in the afternoon. There is a kid's play area at the lake. There's also a nice jogging track encircling the lake . But the best time to jog is in the morning around 7.30 am where you will see a lot of mature  and senior citizens jogging, exercising and stretching their legs. If you come on Sunday there are a group of senior citizen doing their slow abut painful and very tiring Tai Chi slow dance. You are always invited to join them. They are identified by their brown colored attire.

3. Bakar Bakar restaurant and Restoran Temerloh Section 8

If you love food you will love Bangi. Bangi is now a food heaven by anybody's standard. The latest additions are Bakar Bakar restaurant- a steamboat and grill restaurant very much like Seoul garden restaurant. You are expected to spend RM 45 ringgit per pax at the restaurant. They serve seafood and meat. The place is quite comfortable and big. I would advise you to come right after Maghrib prayers but no later than 8 pm. Later than that you might not be able to secure a place to dine in. Another place to dine in or a place to have your lunch is the Restoran Temerloh. The place is famous for Tempoyak Ikan Patin and the sambal tempoyak is really a blast. I believe you will enjoy your lunch there.Please bring your family member too. it's like eating dishes prepared by your mom or your mother in law.
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Bangi Gateway

4. Bangi Gateway

There is a new shopping complex in Bangi. The place is famous if you want to stroll around. The shopping complex houses Burger King and Jusco supermarket among others. This is also a place that caters to  Muslim Chinese food. It is located on the second floor of the shopping Complex. There is also a western diner that caters to people who love western food. Burgers, steaks and pizzas are served there. The prices are slightly on the expensive side but the portions are reasonably big. It will easily fill the empty stomach of a average Asian person.

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Masjid Hasanah Bangi

5. Masjid Hasanah and other big mosques

If you ever come to Bangi don't forget to stop by at Masjid Hasannah. It's the biggest mosque in Bangi. But I believe Bangi is the only area that contains 5-6 (UKM mosque, Masjid Seksyen 4, Masjid Ilim, among others) big mosques within 5-6 kilometers from each others. This is the place with the highest concentration of big mosques in the world (No, Im not kidding) . Most of the time the mosques are full of locals as well as visitors stopping in Bangi. This is the place where people stop to fulfill their daily obligations.

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6. UKM

Another place to visit in Bangi is UKM. It's the largest university in Malaysia in terms or acreage. The students' enrollment are around 28,00-30,000. Bangi is the main campus with another branch in Bandar Tun Razak that houses the Medical Faculty. There's a FSSK museum and a fungi garden to visit at UKM. UKM also houses the Permata Pintar whore you find hundred of brilliant youngsters studying.

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