Friday, January 15, 2016

Bandar Baru Bangi jam teruk / Traffic jam nightmares in Bangi- Apa depa buat?

I remember more than  30 year ago I stepped foot in a rather deserted town in Selangor called Bandar Baru Bangi.  I was originally from Sungai Petani, now the fastest growing area in Malaysia,  moving on to a new place of supposedly a greener pasture. My moving to Bangi was never intended to be permanent rather a temporary place before moving back to my beloved romantic and affordable Sungai Petani town. I would have never thought I would have stayed here in Bangi  more than 3 decades later. I could see how this sleepy academic  town has metamorphosed into a busy modern and probably an elite Malay town in Malaysia. Bangi now is far different from the yesteryear. It's no more a quiet sleepy own but a modern and busy town. You will see lots of new migrating people coming here to earn their pot of gold and new buildings mushrooming. What I don't like about Bangi now is that it's has become too metropolitan and highly congested with traffic and getting worst by the day. 
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Traffic jam in Bangi

The traffic is so bad especially around 7- 8 am and at 4-6 pm. I remember many years ago I would wait until 7:45  to start my drive to work from section 9. Now is just impossible. I have to start at 7: 00 just to be sure that Im at the office before 8 for the work. I believe one of the reasons for the traffic jam is the traffic lights installed at the roundabouts in Bangi. These traffic signals have slowed down the traffic from continually moving at the roundabouts. Before this, there was no traffic jam at the roundabout but now you have to spend 30- 40 minutes to pass the roundabout to go to the office even though the distance to the office is not very far from my house.

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Lagi jam di Bangi
I'm begging to the local council or Majlis Daerah Kajang or Bangi to take steps and remove the traffic lights at the runabouts. Without the traffic lighs, the flow of the traffic will be much smoother.  I also hope that the police in Bandar Baru Bangi to get up and move around in and around  Bangi to help with the movement of traffic in the morning and afternoon. The OCPD of Kajang , I dont know what his name is , to come to Bangi and see for youself how bad the traffic is. Please don't just sit in your office and do your word from your desk in Kajang. Your work can be done more effectively is you were to go out and see for yourself,. Meanwhile the police force in Bangi can also probably take some initiatives to oversee the traffic rather than wait for your ketua to ask  you to do it. You must be a little bit proactive and have passions to solve the problems of the people.. I know the young police officers now are very educated. I hope they can see the urgency of it and be more of people's oriented.

One of my aspirations for this year is that the traffic in bangi will be much more manageable and smoother. I hope the police and the Majlis Daerah do their role effectively

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