Friday, January 8, 2016

Jogging at Putrajaya, Malaysia

I'm now moving on to a new phase of my life. I think I'm moving towards more spiritual life. I like things that are less hectic, quiet, serene and relaxing atmosphere. I'm also more conscious about my health. Believe me guy you really need to take care more of your health. We have been abusing our body too much. We have fed our body with tonnes of sugar , salty food and oily and greasy breakfast and lunches. And I've  have to admit I'm getting more plumb. It's now really difficult to get rid of the excess weight but I have the principle that I could be little bit over weight but reasonably healthy.

To balance up the high calorie intake I make it a point to jog. and the best thing is that I would go to Putrajaya. I think it's the best best in Malaysia to jog and to ride a bicycle. Every weekend I see lots of Malaysians with their family member do the good thing-jogging. I too jog and while jogging at Putrajaya, Malaysia I managed to snap a number of photos. I'm sharing the photos with you.

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