Friday, January 29, 2016

What I want nowadays / My bucket list

While writing a blog yesterday, I noticed a whatsapp message from a good friend of mine, a filthy rich guy whose huge house in an exclusive area costing millions of dollar, pleading that "Hangpa doa kat aku supaya sehat" or " Pl guys pray that I'm in good health". He's 53 going to 54 this year and afflicted by not uncommon age related slipped disc. He cant walk at the moment because of the acute back  pain. The doctor prescribed him 120 mg of Arcoxia , Mecobalamin and Myonal to relieve the pain. I told  to him  to see a good orthopedic surgeon and do an MRI but he just flatly refused. He has all the money to get treatment locally and abroad but he would rather take the pain killer and see a sinseh. Once  we reach certain age we just cannot run away from getting certain illnesses. It's probably god's way of telling us that we are not immortal and we have to be  prepared to die soon. At this age  there are  are things that we want.
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For one, I would like to doa that I have a good health. You don't want anything else other than having a good healthy body to do all the daily activities that you want to do. Even to pray 5 times a day you need to be physically strong and healthy. Your knees have to be good to do the sujud and and the rukuk. You also need to be strong and healthy to perform the obligatory Haj and Umrah. You need to do quite a walk to go to the masjid and perform the daily prayers. All these need you to be strong. Even if you have tonnes of money in the bank it does not guarantee you good health. Look at the Sultan of Johor . he could not do much to help save his son Tunku Jalil  despite all the money in the bank  and the facilities that he had. The Apple owner and CEO Steve job one of the richest men in the world could not do anything much to prolong his life after discovering that he's afflicted with liver cancer. One person  that I admire so much is Dr Mahathir . At 90 yers old he's  strong like a lion and will take aggressive stance against his nemesis. That guy just refused to quit.

I would also like to doa that I would live long long enough to see the good things in life. I hope to reach at least up to 80 years old and still be healthy. At this modern time anyone who live past 60 years old is truly a bonus. With new diseases, cancer, diabetes, and all sort of illnesses modern people do not live that long. Some of my good friends from IOBA have died young. They died even before reaching 50 years old.Most  died because of diabetes and some get their legs amputated. Some others died because of heart attack and kidney failures. With long life, I hope  to see my children getting married, I want to see my future grandchildren. I want to see how Malaysia develops into a modern and wealthy country.  I really hope that Allah would give me the longevity to experience all these things.

I also hope a  to get a place to perform my Haj. I want to fulfill one of the the pillars of Islam. I hope to be given the chance to perform Haj before I reach 60. I want to sujud in front of the Kaabah and ask for forgiveness from Allah things that I may have done wrong to my parents and to other people,  I know this is not easy but I really hope I would get the opportunity soon. InsyaAllah.

I plead to Allah that I would have the rezeki and the energy to travel the world. I have been to many places but there are others place that I have yet to visit. I would like to visit countries like Turkey, Morocco, New Zealand and Argentina before  I close my eyes for good. I would also like to have a family vacation with my children and travel thorough out the States in an MPV. That would be my grand finale. I would like to show my children and my grandchildren the places that I've studied and the interesting places in the American continent. I want them to experience what I have experienced. I really doa that I would get all these wishes.

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