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Cost of living in Bangi 2016 / Bangi bandar mahal?

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Image result for d cempaka bangi
D'Cempaka Seksyen 9 Bangi
In Malaysia , if we talk of Malay towns one would be able to give two examples. One is Bandar Baru Bangi and the other is Shah Alam. But Shah Alam is the state capital of Selangor, the most productive and richest state in Malaysia. The Malaysian ruling party (National Coalition or popularly known as BN) has been trying hard in the last two elections to take it back from Pakatan Rakyat but to no avail. The people in Selangor still support the opposition party to run the state and they had been doing a good job especially under Khalid Ibrahim but the mood has swung a bit to Barisan Nasional since the present Menteri Besar Azmin took over the helm. I personally believe that Selangor will be back in the BN fold in the next election provided that PAS (Islamic based party) is not in the opposition group. 

The next biggest Malays town is Bandar Baru Bangi which comprises 99 % Muslim population. Although Bangi is inhabited by virtually all Muslim it's actually a very modern town with all the amenities. In this town you will see Malay yuppies driving Ferrari and other expensive cars. If you need to find the largest concentration of big beautiful mosques of masjid  within 5 kilometers this is the place to come. It's full of them and the funny thing is that the masjid is always full to the brim especially for the Friday prayers. One nice thing that Bangians can assure visitors ii that the people are very king regardless of the social economic status young and relatively poor You will also not find terrorists in the area, It's truly  a peaceful town that is developing extremely fast. You can also be assured that the standard of living in Bangi is high compared to other places.
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Tasik Cempaka Bangi 2016

Since it's an elite town things are rather expensive in Bangi. The rental of a double storey house in Bangi in Section 9 and section 4 is around RM 1500. Even the flats cost around RM 800 to rent. The price of a house such as a double storey house in 2016  is around RM 700,000 to 850,000 especially in the D' Chempaka area near the Green Tech building. But in Section 4 of Bangi  it's is around RM650,00 for 22 by 75 double storey house. A plate of simple fried rice goes for RM 6.00 and Mee goreng nothing less than Rm 5.00. A kilo of crabs would cost around RM 28.00 per kilo. Nasi Dagang would be around RM 5.5o for Ikan Aya or Tonggkol (Tuna slices).  There';s no more RM 1.00 nasi lemak except If one go to the up town near Econ save hypermarket. The price of a nasi lemak in bangi is between RM 1.80-200 wih a quarter of an egg. Satay in 2016 such as Sate Willy cost RM .90 a piece. Mee Bandung Muar RM 4.80 per bowl.

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Pasar Malam Bangi 2016

Bangi is not a cheap place. However it's a beautiful place if you want to make your pot of gold. People here are educated and friendly. They are also very competitive and ready to take up the challenge . This is the place where you will see lot of highly capable Malay.

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