Monday, January 4, 2016

The best Nasi Briyani Gam in Bangi/ Nasi Arab in Bangi / Arabic food

I have found a place in Bandar Baru Bangi that sells the best Nasi Briyani Gam . It's actually a small stall at the intersection of Smart hotel not far from Melaka Kitchen and Wong Solo restaurants in Bangi. The stall is run by husband and wife (Pak Kassim dan isteri)  team almost every day at the intersection of an SNR car accessories shop. He starts his business around 12 noon and finishes around 3 pm.

Pak Kasim Briyani Bangi

The best thing is that not many people know of this place despite the husband and wife team have been selling this for more than a year. But I believe the stall is now becoming famous. Recently I saw people were queuing up to buy the Briyani. My advice to those people wanting to have the aromatic rice is to come early , preferably around 12 noon.

The best Briyani in Bangi

The  Lamb Briyani (kambing) costs only RM 9 and the portion is more than enough for a plump person like me. As soon as I had the buttered rice, I would have the tendency to go to take a nap because I would feel sleepy. This could be one example of ganja Briyani . It's that plentiful and delicious. Believe me it's probably the best Briyani sold in Bangi at a  very reasonable price, Chicken Briyani is sold for RM 9 while beef Briyani is sold at RM 8. All my children love the Briyani sold at the stall. I give 5 star for the Briyani sold  at the place. I could not find a better place to have a Briyani . Even the best Arab Briyani will not taste as good as the Pak Kasim Briyani.

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