Friday, April 13, 2012


I am a loyal customer of ASTRO and and I've been  ASTRO's customer for more than 10 years.I spend at least RM150 a month to subscribe to ASTRO channels . This means that I subscribe to most of the channels on ASTRO minus only some of the Chinese channels. But do  you realize that even though you have a lot of channels there's nothing much that you can watch. Most of the documentary channels are useless. Sometimes they repeat the documentaries again and again using different channels. In one instance you have a documentary on food on the History channel. Previously it was on one of the food channels. I think ASTRO has nothing much to offer and it's recycling too much. I'm considering unsubscribing  ASTRO if they just do not improve their channels. 

1) I notice that the movies on ASTRO  are getting from bad to  worst. Sometimes the movie channels show movies that are truly outdated. I remember they showed movies that I remember watching them  in the United States when I was doing my BA degree. I am tired of watching the Poltergeist again and again. I'm also tired of watching the Hercules movies. I am also tired of watching the Avatar . I think I have watched it more than 4 times. They show some   movies dozens of times. ASTRO please do not show any more black and white movies. Please do no show again the movie the Bridge of Remagen. I remember watching the war movie when I was 10 years old at the Ampang Park cinema. Now, I'm more than 50 years old. When I was travelling in Vietnam and Indonesia I noticed that the movies that they show in those countries  are  latest and better. What I can presume is that ASTRO probably pays peanuts to get all those lousy movies for their not so important Malaysian viewers. Sometimes , I find the movies offered by the terrestrial tvs are much better.

2) Despite paying for more than RM 150 a month, Astro now demands more money if you want to watch movies  that are  hot of the oven . But being half a century old you don't really watch Malay movies. Even my children do not watch the movies. This is not to say the movies are bad . It's just that we are more attuned to watching to English movies. I'm not surprised that one day ASTRO will demand more money for us to watch English movies that are two or three years old. I think they will repackage the channels and ask us to pay more. I hope that the contract that  ASTRO has with the government will expire soon. I think we need more competition.  More companies should be allowed to compete with ASTRO.

3) Do you realize that ASTRO will jack up the monthly subscription once they introduce one or two extra channels. The channel they introduced are the channels that people generally do not watch. ASTRO please take care of your customers. You are making the customers running away from you. It's just a matter of time that they will run away in droves.

4) I think another aspect that I notice is that ASTRO just ignores the Malay subscribers. Do you realize that most of the announcements made on ASTRO are in English. They are very few announcements that are in Bahasa Melayu. But do they realize that most of their customers are Malays. I think the Malay subscribers are given  raw deals. I think even Tamil is given prominence. I don't think they have any  respect Bahasa Melayu. Astro is AS..TRO.

Dear AS..TRO I'm making my  decision soon.

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