Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Proton Preve

The different colors to choose from

Soon (16th of April) Proton will be releasing a C class car called Proton  Preve. C class dimensions are the size of cars like Kia Forte, Toyota Altis and Honda Civic. In fact, the specs that I've seen show that the new Proton Preve is in fact bigger than those cars that I mentioned. It is even bigger than the 9th generation Honda Civic the latest model to be releasedin June. The name if I'm not mistaken is taken from Spanish that means "to prove". I don't really know why the manufacturer has decided on that name. It's so difficult to pronounce the name.Some Proton -bashers I believe will call it Proton Pervert. Whatever way it's called, Proton has a daunting task of convincing Malaysians again that it can offer a quality product.

Proton should not take  Malaysians for granted  anymore. It can't afford to think and act  like the old management of  Lada or Skoda. The Malaysians buyers are more sophisticated and are quality conscious. Sometimes they are more critical than non-Malaysian buyers.Malaysians generally  will buy Protons if they can see that the products that they buy have quality. The leadership helming Proton must make quality as their number 1 priority. They must tackle it head on. Quality is perception and product.

The stylish interior
Some Proton buyers will still  remember how the Proton cars they bought had window problems. Sometimes the car would just die down because of the battery problem that is  related to the engine management. I hope the new model would actually be able to erase the negative perception that the majority of Malaysians have. The design of the car although not extremely curvaceous  is quite pretty. The dashboard is made from soft touch plastics. Some say it looks more like Kia Forte.The interior is modern and quite handsome. The car was designed by the Italian designer Guigiaro. The car is powered by the newly designed CFE engine with low pressure turbo) that produces enough power ( 145 hp and more than 205 lb of torque) to propel the car reasonably fast. It's more than enough for the average Malaysian. The torque produced could move the car below 10 seconds for 0-100 Km. My suggestion is to get the CFE version which is slightly more expensive but definitely a better car. The top of the range version comes with a push start button.
Push start button. First for car of this price range

I beg Malaysians to see  Proton in a different light. This is truly the car that can change how Malaysians view Proton. They have started producing good quality cars starting  with the Ixora Bold. Give them the chance they need. We Malaysians must support our own car manufacturer.

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