Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yap Sin Tian

Man of integrity?

Yap Sin Tian is the Chairman of the chauvinistic and racist Chinese educationists group called Dong Zong. He is also the Chairman of the New Era College in Kajang with its a very high wall encircling the college that used to have big Chinese characters painted to the wall. The wall  signifies the "Chineseness" of the college. Like the  wall at the ERA college, he has insisted that all the Malays and Indian teachers be kicked out from the Chinese schools to make sure that the Chinese schools are  more Chinese (sadly, the Barisan government has relented to this as mentioned by the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Education Minister). To him only Chinese puritans with Chinese qualifications could teach there. But how Chinese is so called " Dr." Yap?

Did you know that he obtained his  "PhD" from Kesington University, USA.   He also graduated from University of London for his Bachelor of Arts. These two universities are  not even from Taiwan or China. The so called hard core Chinese educationist in reality is a graduate from an American university. What a joke?

You deserved it "Dr." Yap

 Where exactly is Kesington University, Kentucky ? Personally,   I don't even know where the university is even though I've stayed in the States for more than 6 years. I've not even heard of the university.Is the university for real? I have browsed the internet and read  that the university has been closed by the education authorities in the  US  for  fraud charges. The question  is the PhD that he has obtained is for real or did he just buy  it online from the so called institution. 

If he had bought this online (a bogus doctorate) then he is not a man of integrity. How could the Chinese College (ERA) appoint Dr Yap with PhD from Kesington University, a dubious university . Didn't the ERA college check with the Ministry of Education the qualifications of its Chairman. This is really a big blunder   by  the New ERA college, the Dong  Zong and the Chinese community at large.  "Dr" Yap Sin Tian has all this while portrayed himself  to the Chinese community as a fighter and a man of integrity and a also  die hard promoter of the Chinese language and education.. But after the disclosure of the dubious qualifications of the Chairman of ERA and Dong Zong  , now I'm having reservations about the so called quality of the Chinese education. All the so called quality of Chinese education is just a farce. The truth  is that there is none.   You can lie still and be no 1 in Chinese education . Long live Chinese education. Long live Yap Sin Tian. Long live Dong Zong.

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