Friday, April 27, 2012

Chinese school is not part of our national education

It's not surprising that our Prime Minister  Najib Tun Razak has said that the Chinese school is part of the national education. This is the election year and so far the Chinese are still with the Pakatan . The most that the BN would get would be   10 % of the Chinese Chinese votes . The rest would go to the opposition. It is their strategic voting patterns as a way to weakening the Malay domination in politics. No matter what the government does they would  always go for the doctrine of the Pakatan or the ultimate realization of the Republic of Malaysia.

I personally believe that the Chinese vernacular schools are not part of the national education. They are a deviant in terms of achieving the Malaysian school system. The reason is simple. The medium of instruction of these school is  Chinese. The language is a foreign language and not native to Tanah Melayu. The native language of the Nusantara Melayu is the Bahasa Melayu. If the Chinese school is to be part of the national education it should be propagating the national language - Bahasa Melayu and not Mandarin. But instead they want the school to be 100% Chinese and the teachers to be 100 Chinese. Logically, a Chinese school could never be part of the  national education. Najib you are wrong.

The products of the Chinese school are also alien . The education systems are detached of the reality of the situation in the country. They are propagating education that is built in a vacuum. It is alien and dangerous. What kind of education is this? The products they produce are deviants who could not possibly adapt to the real world. These students are not able to communicate in proper language and not able to mix with other ethnic groups. They  could only function  in China . Probably in an  isolated state in a rural China. Even China itself is opening up. Everyone is learning English. The Chinese in Malaysia are more Chinese in character then the Chinese in China. I have not seen a Chinese who graduated  from the Chinese school  is able to befriend another Malaysian especially a Malay. Is this what you called as part of the national education. No way Mr Prime Minister.

If I were Najib I would close all these Chinese schools. I would follow the Singapore model. I think we should learn from that country . Najib you  need to be strong and be telling the right thing. You need to say close the alien schools.  They are not part of one Malaysia. You need to be telling the Chinese that the Chinese schools are not part of the national education. Don't try to pander them.

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