Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sinar fm

Sinar is Malaysia's favourite station

When a person reaches 50, he  or she would opt for something different and something that is more appropriate for the age. A person changes physically and  emotionally as time goes by. A  50 year man  is more accommodating, more tolerant, more reserved and   sometimes more handsome compared to when he was young. I interpret people 40 and below as young. Even political parties set the age of 40 as the cut off point for youthfulness. When I was young I used to ponder  why political parties consider 40 and below as Pemuda. When one reaches 50 one understands why the age of  40 is considered as very young. You don't feel old at all at  50.

Because I am in that age category the radio channel that I automatically tune to when driving is the Sinar FM station. I seldom listen to radio at home. I only listen to it  when I drive. If you live in Bandar Baru Bangi the Sinar FM channel is set at 96.7 megahertz. I love this radio channel because it plays beautiful songs that were really famous in the 80s and the 90s. The choice of songs is just really fantastic. You can't complaint much. They play beautiful  songs like Benci tapi rindu by Diana Nasution. When I listen to the song , I would just reminisce the late 70s when I was a secondary school student at Ibrahim Secondary School. We would rush to Pak Bahadur's  Ais Kacang stall located by the dirty oily Sungai Petani river. Ibrahim students would just crowd the stall and keep on inserting 20 sen coins to the Jukebox to continuously play the song. The fact that Pak Bahadur had beautiful children was another factor that motivated us to go to that hang out.

Salleh Yaakok, Kak Engku and Krill
Sometimes the radio station plays songs by Jay Jay a singer who is famous with his song Rindu Bayangan. I just can't have enough of that song. There is also the song by Dahlan Zainuddin with his rendition of Dari sebuah desa berbekal gitar tua. But the best songs are sung by Uji Rashid. I don't know the names of the songs but they are just beautiful and easy to listen to. I especially like the songs in which she would duet with Latiff Ibrahim, a young handome singer who just passed away recently. Sometimes I got chocked up listening to the 80s songs. Old memories would just fall down on you. Sinar FM station really knows how to play the the emotions of their matiure listeners. No wonder Sinar is the best station in the country. What I don't understand is why there is a lack of quality advertisements on Sinar Fm. The major advertisers tend to go for English radio channels. This is truly misleading.The truth is that the mature and established listeners are actually listening to Sinar FM Station, the no 1 station in Malaysia.

The appearance of Salleh Yaacob together with Kak Engku and Krill  from 6 am to 10 am in Sinar Pagi really makes the the radio station much more enjoyable. You cant stop  laughing listening to their jokes. The three of them really create havoc at  the radio station. You will never feel bored listening to them. Most importantly Sinar station plays the nicest songs from the 80s and the 90s. Sinar Fm my favourite radio station.

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