Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Music can be downloded using MP3

The word technology is probably an over-used word. Nowadays, our life is partly run by technology. But for young people technology is nothing special. It's ubiquitous. They are already exposed to it so much so its not an interesting part of the vocabulary when they discuss about something. It is not uncommon today to see children as young as three years old playing with their Ipads or Samsung tablets at cafes and restaurants. Next to them are their fathers enjoying  breakfast and the mothers  reading the newspaper. However, for mature adults whose age is 50 and above like yours truly technology does not have a positive notion of technology. It's a complex term and   requires a complex mechanism to operate.

One personal device that is full of technology is the hand phone. There are so many applications and uses of a hand phone and  that some of us do not  knowhow to  use it. In my case, I don't even know how to use the BBM of a Blackberry hand phone that I own. I don't even know what it is for. I've  been told that one can in fact send a message to another person using the BBM . It is more like the SMS but more interactive or synchronous. Moreover you will not be charged if one  uses the  BBM. I heard that youngsters love BB for this reason. I also heard that a person  can also use a BBM with another person without a BB using the Whatsapp software. I think that is how  the application is  spelled. You are not always sure at this age.

Another application that one can use is the Skype or Yahoo Messenger. This is a form of video communication between two persons. I have not used the application but it really sounds interesting. A person can Skype- meaning communicating using the video with another person half the world away without paying a sen except for the internet charges. You can also do video-conferencing using Skype. I have not used this application even though I believe we can actually use it for many purposes including for consultations  between a lecturer and a supervisee.

Another form of technology related device that is very popular among children and young adults are the MP3s. You can download songs from the Internet and store them  in the USB. I know my car has a USB socket but I myself have never downloaded songs from the internet and listen to the songs in my car. What I would normally do is  buy the  CD from the CD shop or Pasar Malam  and play them on my CD player in my car or using my audio player at home. For me, its so difficult to use and operate the technology. I rather pay RM 25-35 dollars for the CD at a shop  and listen to the songs .

The problem is not the technology . The problem is with me. I dont know why I find it a bit slow to adapt to  the ever changing technology but it is not something that I would rely 100 %. I can certainly live with  my phone at home and still lead a normal and happy life. But I know some people could not be without their mobiles even for 10 minutes. Without  100 % technology , I can still do my work and do it rather effectively.  But Im not running away from the technology. It is part of our life.

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